Military Moms of Bond County, IL
Contact Number: (618) 578-1808
Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our group and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send e-mail to


How does my son/daughter get his/her picture displayed at the Greenville Huddle House? 

Please call or text Dianah @ 618.578.1808 so she can e-mail you a permission form to sign. Provide a 5 x 7 military picture or a senior picture with the returned form.

You can mail the form and picture to: Dianah Kuhl-Troemel, 410 E Winter Avenue, Greenville IL 62246


How does my son/daughter get his/her picture to be displayed at the Greenville Elementary School?

Please take a 5 x 7 headshot to Door #3 with Attention: Linda Walker on the envelope. 


How do I join the military mom group? 

Contact Dianah via text or e-mail. Cell: 618.578.1808 or E-mail:

Criteria: Your son/daughter/stepson/stepdaughter needs to be a native of Bond County and currently in the Reserves, National Guard or Active Duty.


Where do I get the matching group shirts? 

Purchase a creme colored, V-neck, short sleeved shirt from your store of choice. Most of us purchased them at Wal-Mart.

Then take the shirt to Panther Products in Greenville. Pam at Panther Products has the templates for the Military Mom group. Please let her know your son's/daughter's first and last name and their military branch.


How does my son or daughter get her name and military branch on the Yellow Ribbon Signs on the utility poles on Harris Avenue? 

Please go to Johnson Signs and Designs on 2nd Street and pay them $20.

They will then make the sign. Then Johnson Signs give it to the City of Greenville. The city will place them on the poles at their discretion,

The moms recently decided not to publish military rank since ranks always change. If you prefer the rank, you'll have to pay another $20 to make the changes in the future.