Military Moms of Bond County, IL
Contact Number: (618) 578-1808

More Event information for Sept. 5th and Sept 6th can be found at:



Greenville Bicentennial

9 am Opening Ceremony

9:30 am Performance by Greenville Elementary Students

10 am Salute to Bond County Living Veterans and Active Military

10:30 am National Guard Ceremonial Band

11:30 am Skit by Daughter of the American Revolution

12:00 pm Greenville Municipal Band, Director: Chris Woods

1:00 pm 5 Star Brass Band (National Guard Band)


All events above are at the Bradford National Bank Stage on First Street.

For Veterans, Military and their families:

We will have approximately 100 chairs available, but you may bring a chair in case of a large crowd.

After the Salute to Veterans program, feel free to stay and enjoy the entertainment following our event.

All Veterans and Military that are listed in the Bicentennial Book, can come to the Military Mom Vendor Table after the 10 am ceremony and throughout the day to pick up:

1.  A VIP Card that entitles you to certain Bond County businesses who are honoring a discounted service or a free item for our Vets and Military. The VIP cards will have your name on them before your arrival based on the information you gave us for the Bicentennial Book. Any Veteran living in Bond County that did not get listed in the book, will also be given a VIP card after completing our form. 

2. All Veterans listed in the book, 143 Veterans, can receive a complimentary copy of the Bicentennial Book. The public and Military can pre-order a book at the Military Mom Vendor Table. Price of the book to be determine September 1st.

3. All Veterans listed in the book can also receive a gift bag at the Vendor Table.

We do apologize if we did not list a Veteran living in Bond County or a Military Member from Bond County in the Bicentennial Book. We advertised in the Greenville Advocate, WGEL and on facebook of this event back in May 2015. The deadline for submission was July 31st. We hope we can have a 2nd edition made with any Veterans or Military from Bond County that did not make the deadline.

CONTACT NAME: Any questions regarding the Military Mom event can call Dianah at 618.578.1808.